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Our thesis involves investing in early stage startups, working with them to expand their markets, and supporting them through the funding lifecycle of the company. We primarily invest in enterprise SaaS, hardware-with-a-data component, and corporate solutions companies. 


While we love meeting teams as early as possible (reach out to chat), we’ll invest once the team has early paid pilots. Once we invest, we’ll work with teams to help expand their presence across the Americas, meet new investors, and grow their networks with relevant expertise.


You can learn more about our thesis and strategy below.

Saas, Hardware and Corporate Solutions

We primarily work with enterprise SaaS, hardware companies with a data component, and corporate solutions companies. We’ve been early backers of companies like Luminar, Maidbot, Getaround, and Vinovest.

Working with you

After we invest, we’ll work with your team to introduce you to other winning investors, new potential client customers, and grow your network across Latin and North America.

Always available

We’re not dead-weight on your cap table. If you need help, introductions, or just somebody to bounce ideas off of, you can reach out to us at any time. We’re here to help you win.


Early Entry Point

We love being an early check into your company. We typically write our first check in Pre-Seed, Seed, or Series A rounds. If you have or expect to have paid pilot customers, that’s when we’ll write our first check.

Follow-on Capital

While we love to enter companies early, we’re along for the full ride with you. With the support of our investors, we’re able to commit follow-on capital up through the entire lifecycle of your company.

Reach Out Now

We love meeting teams as early as possible, so even if you’re not quite ready to pitch us for investment, reach out now to set up a conversation.​

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