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“Venture capital is not for the faint of heart. It takes head, heart and guts. At Invariantes Fund we give our LP’s access to this thrilling ecosystem, by connecting them to founders, fund managers, and networks that are disrupting, the way we live, work, and learn. A combination of calibrated risk taking, passion, discipline, vision, and patience are some of the rocks that define our strategy, generating a “hybrid” model of VC investing for our LP’s. This model gives them unparalleled access to this exciting playground, that accommodates to their risk/return tolerance, ticket size, diversification and liquidity needs.”

Founder & General Partner

Juan de Dios Aguilar

Our Team

"I believe the risks and sacrifices entrepreneurs take against the odds are key drivers of mankind’s progress. Through Invariantes and, having personally invested in over 75 startups, I am doing everything within my power to help them and partake on that journey."

Founder & Managing General Partner

Fernando Pontaza

"My commitment and devotion to the success of our founders, managers, and LPs comes from my insatiable need for constant learning, collaboration, and value creation. Very few things excite me more than building long-term relationships with people that inspire me."

General Partner & Forbes 30 under 30

Alejandro Zelaya

“Being a founder tests you on every level of your being: physically, emotionally and mentally. We know that an entrepreneur has an uphill battle to fight, but the journey gives the opportunity for a founder to reach new heights on their personal journey and have the possibility to change a community, a city, a country or even the world. At Invariantes, we look to find those founders and help them through the hardship of making their vision a reality.”

General Partner

Cristobal Ibargüen

"I believe that venture capital is a long term play with long term people, with the mission of building a better future & helping amazing purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Having been +15 years in the tech & telco industry, and personally managed a small family VC firm, invested as an Angel in over 100 startups and co-founded three tech startups, we know that it takes more than money to launch a successful company, thats were Invariantes adds value"

General Partner

Jaime Matus

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